Sunday, March 28, 2010

humility and God's purposes for our lives

Many times I have considered whether or not seminary might be God's path for me? Others have even suggested such a path. However, God has never "called" in this area. Perhaps, it is because He knows all to well the pride that would befall me in achieving some level of "spiritual status", rendering me useless to Him?! Oh, to be sure I love studying and learning, but do so where He has me . . . "on my knees" at home.

Instead of "higher education", He has humbled me, shown me my insignificance, then allowed me to be His instrument of Grace, Mercy, and Encouragement to others. All the while, giving Him all the credit; Praise, Honor and Glory! In all this I find great consolation, and have no desire for fame, titles or great "knowledge". Only that I might be a vessel, a useful jar of common clay to be constantly poured out.

May God speak to your own heart, and may you find your purpose in Him . . . whether seminary or simplicity.

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