Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vicarious Australia (OZ) trip???

So, I had planned to visit Australia, but New Zealand had so much (and we had a limited amount of time and money), that we left to our son, Kyle, to do the OZ thing for us. Kyle has been (still is as of this writing) in Australia as part of his doctoral work for Stanford University. He worked at the Dish (of movie & Apollo 11 fame), as well as a facility in Sydney. Obviously having great time, while working hard as well. He even discovered (confirmed by scientists down under) a new pulsar while at the dish! They combine both radio telescope and optical telescopes for their work in Australia. Kyle is actually a gamma ray specialist, but pulsars, black holes, white dwarfs and dark energy are of great interest as well . . . sounds like science fiction to me! Or, better yet something from the mind of Tolkien or Lewis! Of course, it is all from the Mind and Heart of the God of the Cosmos. If you want to view some more of Kyle's stuff go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/10025308@N06.

Lots of memories and stories to tell . . .

Kyle takes a "Dish walk"

Kyle's friend waves G'day (note joey in pouch)

Kyle and friend (koala)

Kyle's "office" in Australia

Monday, April 14, 2008

More SoCal adventures???

So, not ones to sit around long, we are headed off again to Santa Barbara (our whole crew) for Cody's graduation from Westmont College, then a couple weeks later it's back down to Newport Beach for a long overdue Padia (Patti's crazy crew) family reunion, which promises to be mucho fun! Expect some more photos to follow soon.

P.S. If Dallas Willard and F. Dale Bruner are taxing your brain too much these days, go read The Shack by William Young . . . very thought provoking.

Aloha ke Akua,
Mahuahua Kukele (Big Muddy, da white Hawaiian Moose)