Sunday, September 7, 2008

So PnP what are your older three up to anyway?

Clearly I have been remiss in not giving an update here on our own three children. Kyle, Cody and Karly are all doing well and we believe following God's plans for their respective lives. Kyle is working toward his PhD at Stanford University in the field of astrophysics. He has already had some incredible experiences abroad and published as well. His dream is teach at the university level, and use the gift that God has so richly blessed him with. Cody graduated from Westmont College this past spring with a degree in environmental biology/natural history. He is now pursuing a two year certificate program in exotic animal training and management (EATM) at Moorpark College in Southern California. His dream (fantasy?!) is to have his own Animal Planet show . . . a replacement for Steve Irwin?! We'll see, but certainly he is following God's passion for His creation. And lastly but certainly not least, Karly has recently changed her major at Sonoma State to Sociology and seems headed for a career in social work. Her passion for oppressed people groups, especially children and gift of advocacy (many of you know of that feisty, persevering personality) have always been clear to Patti and I, and it appears God has now spoken to her heart as well.

How did "we" do it? Not without Him certainly, and lots of unconditional love, prayer and of course GRACE.

earthly angels

Tonight as I was going out front to turn off the sprinkler, and after we had gotten our two "new ones" in bed for the night, I was surprised by JOY! There on our front porch was a case each of juice boxes and natural fruit snacks, with an anonymous note that simply said, ". . . when it's your turn for soccer snacks . . ."
Do we believe in earthly angels? You bet we do! Thanks be to God and whomever among our friends and loved ones who chose to bless us this night.
obG, PnP
P.S. Your prayers for us continue to be an encouragement and strength. And, sometimes with a very simple, tangible answer!

Youth Soccer again?!