Tuesday, May 22, 2012

good news

"Christ plays in ten thousand places" and those are "the safest places on earth." (Peterson & Crabb) Places where "people of peace" (3DM) are living Jesus' answer to the Pharisee's question, "What is the greatest commandment?" - "Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength AND love one another." (paraphrased) And, where those same people are "salt and light" in their neighborhoods; commissioned & missioned to "make disciples" by introducing their neighbors to Jesus. (not the "church", denominations, religion, etc., but to The Son of God.) The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple and yet profoundly beautiful: God sent His only Son to redeem us and adopt us. This Son shows us the Way to our loving Father guided by their Spirit. [The equally beautiful mystery is that we are invited into that infinitely loving relationship at the center of the universe!] But again, it's not complicated, love God, love one another. Start there, the rest will come. ;-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

a few more recent thoughts ("openings") from the journal:

We (PnP) were not "called" to our current church by a committee, team or pastor. It was clearly God's call, and ultimately it is He we must continue to follow, in humility and by His grace. Honestly, I think very few of us are doing Christianity the way its Namesake intended? Do we really have to choose between Jesus and "church"?

Just another muse from da ol Moose

PnP On The Road - The older we get, and the more we experience life with God and others in the midst of this broken world, the more we realize that to remain in the Father's Will we must continually look to Jesus and trust the Spirit to teach and guide us, above all else. 

Recent Moose musings (aka journal entries)

Tho darkness enfold and surround you, do not fret, instead believe that God Who is light in the darkness is at your side. May His Peace wash over you and keep you as you seek Him. Maybe the perfect evangelist is one whose work and love is never recognized, who is never acknowledged or thanked by anyone this side of the grave? Who simply prays in love for others as he imitates Jesus, trusting they too will find and follow Him. Our lives following Christ are to reflect His unforced rhythms of grace. If we find ourselves too busy it's time to stop and seek Him. [Is your "out" leaving you starving for His "up" & "in"?]