Sunday, March 28, 2010

Experiencing God

Yes, I have read/done the Packer and Blackaby things similarly titled, but often I am most impressed by the simple, but oh so beautiful moments that He surprises me with. For instance, recently, I was sitting on the couch in my favorite "quiet time" corner. It was afternoon and my eldest son (home for a visit) is sitting next to me working on his computer. Patti is busy at our computer working on a document for her work as a professor at our local community college.

It is a blessed time, and I sense God's Presence, I feel Him engaged with us all. Occasionally, we exchange comments to one another, as we are all busy with our separate tasks. I'm reading The Ignatian Workout by Tim Muldoon, a delightful book which has prompted my consideration of God's Presence in this time and place.

I glance over at Kyle's laptop screen from time to time, and am amazed at what he is doing! He types "code" using Linux(an operating system scientists prefer), and as he types a graphic depiction is displayed on the screen. He is designing a portion of our galaxy and plotting stars, including our own earth and sun! (Part of his PhD work at Stanford)

I feel a deep sense of JOY, and realize God is delighted with this entire scene.

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