Wednesday, March 31, 2010

flee to Him

We give thanks to God when He provides, then we anxiously take control again for the next need. Why can't learn?!

He reveals truths to us, guiding us in His way, and yet again, we ignore Him. Then, we fret as our lives go "haywire".

He offers us forgiveness and salvation, but we choose the dark road of harboring secrets and sins, even though He knows them all anyway.

We cling desperately to things of this world, believing that our happiness and contentment lay in them. Why are we so afraid to let it all go? Yes, we fear change and would rather suffer misery in the "status quo", than relent to the blessed "unknown".

Yet, the lover of our souls promises us "abundant life", the greatest consolation we could know!!!!

Hosanna! God save us! Yahweh to the rescue! Come quickly, come now before it's too late!

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