Monday, December 24, 2012


Solitude -
It has been called "the mother of all the spiritual disciplines", (those things we engage in to grow closer to God and through which He transforms us into likenesses of His Son.)
It is the one "place" we must go, but without striving or thinking we must do something. It requires us to simply (but difficultly) take time to sit humbly and submissively in quiet, listening with our hearts for His "still, small voice." And, it often will not realize any noticeable difference or visitation upon us?! However, God is pleased when we do this, make no doubt. Our posture of submission, total surrender of our entire being is where He does His greatest work; lasting, evolving, permanent transformation.
Find this place for yourself, seek Him in quiet. There are a multitude of resources (and angels) available to assist you, but you must make the time.

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