Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas gifts:

Christmas gifts:
So, I've been thinking about gifts we give and how much we spend. And I've concluded that having family together is the best gift we can receive. Now don't worry, I'm not going to try to squash everyone's fun, just thought I'd float an idea?
Of course this idea doesn't include getting fun stuff for the lil's. :-). Loved watching Anthony at the center of everything this year, and getting lots of stuff that supports his zoo. There are though some wonderful charities that we (just thinking about me here, but inviting feedback or others participation) can make gifts to in a loved one's name. Quick disclaimer here; Mom will always do her stocking thing, and she actually likes to shop "fair trade" which supports needy countries and people, so naturally I support her fun there.
Anyway, I'm thinking of doing something like this next year and just wanted to see what you all thought? Below is a list of some organizations that do wonderful work, for your reference.

Top rated global charities:
World Vision
Red Cross
What I appreciate about these charities:
Broad range of assistance,
education & empowerment, both people & natural creation focused, all share a wholistic approach to charity providing long term & sustainable solutions to poverty, conservation issues & more.
There are many more wonderful groups that support these same areas, but these have a long and highly rated reputation.

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