Friday, June 1, 2012

an update of sorts . . .

"followership" vs "leadership" - We don't need a plan, we need to know the mind of God . . . Spirit-led. Follow the Leader. "My ways are not your ways . . . My plans are not your plans, Mine are higher." God can and will inevitably surprise us with directions that seem from our perspective to be contrary. All the good "programs" are nothing but distractions if the Spirit isn't leading. All those words, graphics, etc may create "noise" that makes it harder to hear His still, quiet voice. If it's not God's language (Scripture/the Word), we need to make sure we're not in Babel. If autocratic leadership is driving the "vision", it will be hard (not impossible, but yes hard) for followers to act on the "vision" the Spirit's giving them. They may have to act outside of the "structure" of their "church" to obey the Lord? We feel called to intimate discipleship and soul care. We feel called to teach together. God has given us this "ministry", grown and blessed it, we don't hear him directing us differently in this season. PnP - discipleship in the spirit anam cara (soul care or soul friend) Yes, we are both "following" someone as they follow Jesus. Yes, several others are following us as we each follow Jesus. Yes, we both believe in this season that we have lives worth following. "Have I not sent forth My Light and My Truth to guide and bless you?" Yes Lord, and we are grateful. "Then go, continue on the path I have shown you. I will be the lamp unto your feet (and heart), the light upon your next step. My Son will teach you and Our Spirit will guide you. Bless and care for those I place in your lives, and bless the communities you are part of. I am the LORD your God." [as we consider how or if we are called to serve within our current faith community in the areas of 3DM and teaching.] We (PnP) were not "called" to our current church by a committee, team or pastor. It was clearly God's call, and ultimately it is He we must continue to follow, in humility and by His grace, led by His Spirit. [More notes from da Moose’s journal and quiet times . . .]

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