Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moose musings while on Facebook “fast” – (leadership vs. followership/discipleship)

Knowing what lays ahead, Your new heaven and earth, we press on toward that goal, and the mission for which You are restoring us; to share with others Your love, grace and mercy, and impart to them the HOPE we have come to know. May our words, and even more so our actions, speak of You, our Savior and our God.

Lord let it be said of me, "Every single day he made a new beginning, and in every conflict with another he would say, 'Who am I?' and judge no one." Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


The church desperately needs more pastors. No, not church managers, but shepherds who love and care for people. Each one can only minister intimately in grace and love to a few, hence many are needed. Yes, even more so than prophets, evangelists, apostles and teachers, His flocks need many shepherds. First to worship the new born Savior, lowly of the field, shepherds of the Good Shepherd.

"followership" vs "leadership" -

We don't need a plan, we need to know the mind of God . . . Spirit-led. Follow the Leader.

"My ways are not your ways . . . My plans are not your plans, Mine are higher."

God can and will inevitably surprise us with directions that seem from our perspective to be contrary.

All the good "programs" are nothing but distractions if the Spirit isn't leading. All those words, graphics, etc may create "noise" that makes it harder to hear His still, quiet voice. If it's not God's language (Scripture/the Word), we need to make sure we're not in Babel.

If autocratic leadership is driving the "vision", it will be hard (not impossible, but yes hard) for followers to act on the "vision" the Spirit's giving them. They may have to act outside of the "structure" of their "church" to obey the Lord?


Organization is fine as long as God is the organizer. Structure is acceptable if there is room for the Spirit to move. Leadership is even good, if it's Jesus Who is leading. Our role is to follow and obey. No wonder the early church was effective, high priority on "followership" in intimate community, and low priority on organization, structure & management.

All the assessment and personality tools and tests cannot replace the voice of God through the Holy Spirit. Strengthfinders, Myers/Briggs, etc. are all things of men and prone to man’s influences and the world around him. Same goes “gifts” assessments (Life Keys, etc.) After all is said and done, we must listen to God’s still quiet voice.

The Body of Christ is infinitely and eternally diverse, thought one in the Lord God. Creation is also infinitely and eternally diverse, including man. So, it should go without saying that discipleship and disciples are also infinitely and eternally diverse. That is why no one model or program will do. We must embrace the Holy Spirit’s teaching and direction if we expect to make more shepherds and feed His sheep.


God in Christ Jesus confirms for us that the world is indeed broken; full of injustice & evil. And, sometimes we wonder where He is? But, He is even now making all things new!

God's "absence" is also part our story in history. 400 years prior to the Exodus, and the many Psalms that cry out are examples. And yet, I AM WHO I AM declares that God is in fact ever-present, whether we humans sense Him or not. Alpha & Omega, there has not been time when YHWH was not present. Job teaches us, who are we to question?


Quiet Time -

"I hate all this silly religion, but in you God I trust!” Psalm 31:6 The Message

We all need God, every day. Jesus said (to the dweeb), "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from My Father."

"quiet time" - a daily time alone with God, seeking Him and listening for his "voice." This time of solitude and "silence", away from the "world" has been called by many "the mother of all the spiritual disciplines.” These times are the "daily bread" of The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6), we need them as much (more than) food our bodies, this is "food" for our heart and soul. It cannot be overstated, for anyone seeking to follow Jesus, and hence, seeking God (the Father), this time every day is critical, a must, a requirement for our spiritual formation into the image & character of Jesus.

Of all the things that Patti and I have taught on and modeled in our Christian lives, this has been the most important and Blessed for others, and us. Quiet time "drives" everything else in our lives; prayer, service, grace, caring, love . . . everything good, noble and true of God is learned in quiet at His feet. We cannot expect to practice effectively any other spiritual disciplines if we are not disciplined in this.

Our teaching in the Lord on parenting, marriage, relationships, prayer & praying as couples, on caring for & discipling with others, on following Jesus in a broken world, all comes from the foundation of time spent alone with God (the "UP" of 3DM & other discipleship models, for truly, "IN" & "OUT" cannot happen without it!)

The Power and Authority of Jesus Christ has overcome any and all powers and authorities of the world. Therefore, the dweeb and his minions will flee at His Name. The Power of the Holy Spirit far surpasses any of the dark spirits and their world. Ascribe to the Lord God all praise, honor and glory . . . ascribe to the dweeb and his spirits only their lowly places. Objects do not have power or magic, though dark spirits may “attach” themselves to objects or even persons, but give them no power yourself. Renounce evil and deception; turn to the Lord God in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We take what He offered with His life, and we turn it into religion. But religion it is NOT! Adoption into the family of God, yes. Adoption for sinners and outcasts, for the “orphans” of the world. To dance and to love within the Relationship at the Center of the Universe. Yes! That is why He came, adoption . . . redemption . . . salvation . . . Kingdom life here and now!

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