Saturday, April 7, 2012

A story of “community” –

We live in a neighborhood where there are some of the original homeowners (1950’s). We have seen our beloved neighbors leave our neighborhood, but for heaven, not some earthly destination. This story is about two neighbors, Pat and Margaret, who have both lost their lifelong spouses in recent years. Pat and Margaret live across the street from each other, and immediately across and next to us, respectively.

Community is often where you find it (or live). For Pat and Margaret, they continue to live in their own homes, but the tender care they show for each other as widow and widower is a blessing for me to witness, (however discreetly). Pat loves to bring Margaret his morning newspaper, edge her lawns, etc. Margaret for her part is a wonderful cook and baker, visiting across the street to bring Portuguese bread and casseroles, etc.

It is a simple, but oh so beautiful picture of what Jesus Christ said was the second greatest commandment . . . love one another.

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