Saturday, April 7, 2012

PnP On The Road - 2012 & new seasons

River Life: Discipleship & Teaching

We have called our approach to discipleship by many names, settling on "anam cara" (Gaelic for soul care) most recently. We apply ourselves using "one-on-one" or "twos & threes" settings that afford greater intimacy than larger groups, (we've found that works best for us). :-). Spiritual direction and/or mentoring is done individually, unless we are doing marriage/couples mentoring. The latter is the one time we use a "team" approach, serving together in a couple to couple setting. All this said, we are both excited to participate in 3DM huddles and become part of that Kingdom movement at River Life.

Teaching: Our teaching “style" is to take what we've learned from others; books, classes, conferences & seminars, then combine with our own experiences to create short classes that attempt to focus on the "nuggets" of truth. We assimilate and condense the material into single (one page) easy to understand (and use) handouts that accompany 1-2 hour classes, which usually comprise only two or three sessions. We also apply an interactive & participatory approach to help people "engage". Our hope is to leave participants with useful, applicable tools for daily living as they follow Christ, without overwhelming them. In both our teaching and discipleship (anam cara, soul care, spiritual direction, mentoring), we try as the Spirit leads to tailor our approach and material to the specific groups or individuals we are meeting with. All of this applies whether we are teaching/discipling as a team or individually.

We have taught in the areas of Christian parenting (all seasons), marriage (and couples/relationships) including praying as a couple, spiritual formation and more.

And always, all of this only by Grace and as the Spirit leads.

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