Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reflections from the Big Island

As I spend time here in Hilo with Patti, I have lots of opportunities for study and reflection. I am practicing my "up, in and out" led by good readings from 3DM (www.weare3dm.com). The "up" is easy here, especially in the solitude of Ainaola and it's beautiful countryside. The "in" is mostly with Patti now, via prayer and long walk/talks. The "out" is very diverse as I venture out and meet all kinds of people in and around Hilo; young restless ones, old seemingly content ones, and a whole host of others. Yet, I always am left with a sense that they are all seeking happiness which eludes them? Even our host family, they came here seeking fulfillment, but it is very clear that their hearts are restless. I continue to smile, make conversation when it presents itself, and always lift up prayers for those I see and engage. I am learning a very important lesson to "be", just be . . . in the moment, in His Presence. To be alert for sure, to seek His "still quiet voice" as His Spirit leads. I guess my greatest hope during this time is not so much knowing what God is doing from one day to the next, but can I bring this "attitude" back and keep it intact when I return to Sacramento?

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