Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A kupuna reflection . . .

A Kupuna-Kahuna Quiet Time Reflection:
In the year of our Lord, 2011. I am an old man in this season, having seen better days physically. My time as a youth, and with youth seem to be over? I walk more slowly now, speaking more quietly to individual hearts on behalf of the Son. And truthfully, it is enough in this season. For, I have come to see that “the philanthropy of quiet ways, and the slow work of leavening others one by one with the Spirit of Christ,” [Henry Drummond] ultimately has more impact than all the material blessedness, public schemes & charities, and glitzy marketing & programs the “greater church” has to offer. For discipleship as Christ created and modeled it has always been a “one heart to one heart” experience, even in the midst of groups. Yes, I have come to realize that, for me personally, my greatest “calling” in life has been that of husband, father, grandfather and friend. This I can still do as an old man through the Grace and Strength of the One who makes me perfect in weakness.

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