Sunday, March 27, 2011


Territorial: a word that describes many species in the animal kingdom, including and unfortunately, man! Our “need” to “protect” and defend our “space”, our territory, leads to division and worse yet, WAR. Sadly, this nature is seen within the “Body of Christ”, the church, as well. Leaders, churches, denominations all take on the territorial nature, harboring distrust and enmity between each other, even those who profess the same belief in Jesus Christ. And, the dweeb sits back with a smirk on his evil face as he watches us do his work!

When we create our own power structures, our own little kingdoms, they eventually crumble from within. Our “territorialness” never truly protects our “territory”. God alone is our “strong tower”, our rock, our refuge and strength. Once we “get” this, we can let go of our territorial nature and learn to live in His Peace with one another.

NOTE: This “opening” is prompted by a realization that as my wife and I left our former church to obey God’s call to “go” and serve Him in another church, it became evident that some at our old church (and still our “family”) now harbor a distrust for us, even a “disowning” of sorts. While we see a “sending out” from the place of our years of discipleship, others see an “abandonment” or “treason”. So sad, and yet, so human. However, many remain beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, encouraging and affirming our obedience in His command to “go”.

Encouraging and fostering unity and cooperation among churches within the same community is a difficult mission! Lord have mercy!

“Territorial”: not a gift of the Spirit, not fruit of the Spirit.

Matthew 25:31-46 indicates that Christ’s ultimate judgment will be based on the love we have shown (or not) to one another, especially Brother and Sisters in the Lord, the Body.

God has done far more through me than I could ever have done myself. To Him be all Glory, Honor and Praise. 2 Cor. 4:7

Only by Grace (always a fitting “signature”),

Oh yea, we still do "ministry" at our former church, probably unbeknown to some of those who harbor distrust or ????

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