Tuesday, February 1, 2011

following Jesus or just being a cultural christian

Some thoughts on following Jesus vs. being a “Christian”:

 The world will not believe and know that God sent Jesus because our theology is true, our doctrine correct, and our liturgy proper. The world will know and believe when it sees Jesus in us.
 Are we seeking to follow Jesus, or are we just trying to find or create our own comfortable religion? The former will lead to contentment, the latter to emptiness and disillusionment.
 Even my faith is a gift from You Lord. Even that I seek You is by Your Grace.

[Inspired by The Way of Scripture, Shaped by the Word, and Invitation to a Journey, and I suppose other readings and authors as well?]

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  1. Yes, the vocation of pastor/shepherd is a holy and difficult one. Our faithful shepherds need only our prayers and support, but occasionally accountability, just as we do.