Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Brief Story Of My Personal Spiritual Journey

For years I struggled along in a kind of “darkness”, seeking some inner fulfillment but not finding it. I investigated eastern philosophy and religions; Buddhism and others. I considered the “new age” movement, Native American spiritualism, and more but found no “harmonic convergence”. Atheism, Agnosticism and even Gnosticism . . . and still emptiness. The distant, nebulous religions and do-it-yourself spiritualism became a cruel joke.

Finally, through prayers of others (unbeknownst to me) and God’s “pursuit”, I discovered the one, the only “thing” . . . a being, that could fill that empty place in my heart and soul. Through Jesus Christ I found not only a savior, but an awesome, mysterious but oh so personal God that had been patiently and expectantly waiting for me to turn to Him.

My life is now a constant, perpetual “seeking” to know Him more, and to live my life in a way that pleases Him. To live for the sake of others, and hopefully to help them too find this contentment.

So, “I stand by the door”. “I live in a house by the road.” I “date the world”. All in response to the amazing Grace and Love that He has poured out on me . . . a sinner. In Name of the Three in One, the One in Three. AMEN.

Patrick Perching Eagle Watters (aka Anon E. Moose, Da Moose, Big Muddy, Da Muddy Moose, Poppa Watters, Papa, etc.) . . . and other sites as well. 

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