Wednesday, January 26, 2011

spiritual formation

Sometimes we read words that ring with clear truth in our hearts. A truth we feel we have always known. And, we are delighted someone put it to words.

“We are largely governed by a materialistic/humanistic worldview that perceives everything "out there" as something to be grasped, controlled, and manipulated for our own purposes or, even worse, for the purposes of God! This perspective is so deeply ingrained, as we shall see, that we determine our own self-image, our meaning, our value, our purpose by the effectiveness of our grasp, control, and manipulation of the world, of other persons, even of God.”

“Genuine spiritual formation, being conformed, is the great reversal of the negative spiritual formation of our culture. It reverses our role from being the subject who controls the objects of the world, to being the object of the loving purposes of God who seeks to "control" us for our perfect wholeness. Genuine spiri¬tual formation reverses our role as the controllers (who act to bring about the desired results in our lives) to beings who allow the spirit of God to act in our lives to bring about God's purposes.”

“. . . a fundamental shift from being our own production to being God's creation.”

[excerpted from Shaped By The Word, Mulholland]

Christian Spiritual Formation: the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.

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