Saturday, May 8, 2010

on leadership and leaders

Sadly, these days “leaders” operate on “authority”. They say “Go” and “Do”, but they do not lead by example. Rarely do we find the leader in these times that says, “Follow me.” In Lakota society (historically speaking) leaders were identified by the people because of their humility, wisdom and abilities. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were such leaders. These kind of leaders exhibited selfless leadership, always considering the needs of their people over their own personal needs and desires. They often reluctantly accepted their leadership roles in response to their people’s requests. Followers of Christ never “seek” authority or leadership roles; instead the Spirit anoints them for such work. Again, humility is a hallmark of true Christian leadership. In our country such leadership is exceedingly rare. Instead, government, church and corporate leaders are too often corrupt in far too many places. In the world, greed and a desire for power too often trump humility.

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