Tuesday, May 11, 2010

on being a prophet & disordered affections

Garrison Keillor tells a story about how God spoke to him as an adolescent. He describes it as a “call” to be a prophet – one who proclaims Gods’ truth among the people. He goes on to say that he chose instead an alternative line of work . . . to be a liar. He says because prophets are always despised, and have terrible things done to them.

I love Keillor’s storytelling, and I have always been a storyteller myself, since childhood. However, I also frequently sense and respond to God’s call to proclaim His Truth among the people. Yes, it can be a thankless “job”. God’s Truth always stirs people up, and often it is anger they are stirred up with. The prophet (messenger) is most often the initial object of scorn. However, over the seasons of my life I have found great contentment and strength in choosing to follow and respond to God in obedience . . . come what may.

Put on His armor and strike out . . . you have nothing to fear, He IS the victor.

Herewith an example of a prophetic word, this one from Thomas a Kempis:

Disordered Affections – Chapter 6, Book 1, The Imitation of Christ

"Whenever you desire anything inordinately, you immediately find that you grow dissatisfied with yourself. Those who are proud and avaricious never arrive at contentment; it is the poor and the humble in spirit who live in great peace. Anyone who is not totally dead to himself will soon find that he is tempted and overcome by piddling and frivolous things. Who¬ever is weak in spirit, given to the flesh, and inclined to sensual things can, but only with great difficulty, drag himself away from his earthly desires. Therefore, he is often gloomy and sad when he is trying to pull himself from them and easily gives in to anger should someone attempt to oppose him.
If he has given in to his inclinations and has yielded to his passions, he is then immediately afflicted with a guilty conscience. In no way do such yieldings help him to find the peace he seeks. It is by resisting our passions and not by being slaves to them that true peace of heart is to be found. There is no peace, therefore, in the heart of the man who is given to the flesh, nor in the man who is attached to worldly things. Peace is found only in one who is fervent and spiritual."

This is God’s Truth, and in sharing it you may anger many. But, in it is their key to true happiness and contentment. So, be a prophet, and share it to bless others.

only by Grace,


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