Saturday, May 15, 2010

healing from the past, blessing for the future, JOY in the now:

Sit somewhere where you can see birds. (If that is not possible then imagine a crowd of seagulls in the sky, floating on the wind, wheeling, crying out their lonesome call of forgotten summers.) As you count the birds associate them each with the name of Jesus and the year of your life. The first bird you will tag 'Jesus, when I was 1' (or, if you prefer, do this in random order so it might be 'Jesus, when I was 17'). Whether you knew it or not Jesus was alongside you in every year of your life, and able to see without any distortion, but with full awareness of our joy and pain. He is with us now. If, as you label the birds and name the years, any hurtful event comes to mind, it is vital to lift it up and let it fly to God with as much love as you can manage in the name of Jesus.

Aidan Clarke and Andy Raine from Celtic Daily Prayer

Jesus, bless my conception.
Jesus, bless my time in the womb.
May the peace of the birth of Jesus be on my birth.
I present my whole being to Jesus.
May Jesus be in all the suffering of my life.
May Jesus heal me by His stripes.
Jesus, crown me with glory, praise, honour and thanksgiving.
Jesus, teach me to carry my cross and follow You.
Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.
Jesus, bless me in my daily death.
Jesus, bless me in my final death.
Jesus, give me a power of resurrection in each day of my life.
Jesus, be with me all my days.
Jesus, fill me with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus, lead me from earth to heaven.
Jesus, make me the person I am meant to be.

Aidan Clarke from Celtic Daily Prayer

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