Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The following is an email I received this evening from a dear Brother & Sister in Christ, it speaks for itself:

"Wanted to share this amazing experience with you from last Sunday night. I'm still feeling it.

Tonight Shannon made extra food to take to a homeless person; so we as a family got in our van and went down Alhambra looking for someone in need. We want to model serving to our kids. We found a couple and I gave them the warm meal. She told me God Bless You and I replied the same. She responded by telling me "He already has!"
We went looking at Christmas lights and headed home. I decided to grab a big blanket we have in our back room to take back to the couple. Shannon started to put the kids down and I headed out. When I arrived the guy was gone and the gal was very happy for the big blanket.
I asked her if she ever looks into the housing downtown. She told me she had a pass for Salvation Army tonight but no way to get there. Normally I would not do this but I felt God telling me to take her there. So I offered and she got in the car. On the way down I invited her to River Life and we talked about nobody being perfect. Right as we got to 16th She told me someone else had brought her a blanket an hour before and that this was her best day because of the way people were serving her. Then she told me thank you for helping her, but that she was going to help me more. I thought it was kind of strange but said nothing. When we got to the Salvation Army I got the leftover food out for her. She told me that Shannon must be an angel and to tell her hi and then she told me again that she was helping me (it didn't feel like her). She told me to take her sleeping bag and the two blankets to others who needed them tonight and gave me a hug.
As I got in my car I saw guys feeding hot food to people. I asked them if they wanted the blankets. They turned out to be brothers from Bayside Church. I chatted with them and got their phone numbers. They sent me to Gospel Mission. I got there and there were SOOOOOO ,any people on either side of the street. I gave away the sleeping bag and blankets. I felt overwelhmed by the amount of people outside and felt so useless.
As I drove away I was thinking about the lady (she never said her name even though I introduced myself twice). Then it hit me-She knew me-He knows me and it was Him.

God Bless,

Merry Christmas from Chris & Shannon, and all your Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus . . . Emmanuel

"In as much as you've done it for the least of these, you've done it for me." JC

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