Sunday, December 13, 2009

the humility of Christmas . . .

While I enjoy the extravagant celebrations that surround Christmas, I am always struck by and humbled as I read the words of Luke (chapter 2, verses 8-20.) My thoughts are always, "The lowest of the low were the first to worship Jesus, and in the lowliest of settings." Think of it, the people expected a warrior messiah to ride in on a steed and stomp the Romans into submission. Instead, a baby is born to a humble carpenter and his wife, and in a cave stable for some animals! Oh yes, there was glory that night, but it was Heavenly light and angels appearing to a group of shepherds, the lowest of low in society at that time.

There have been many Christmases where I've desired to be surrounded by those quiet, humble surroundings. To worship as the shepherds did in the simplicity of the moment in that setting. In our western culture where so much materialism and commercialism is accepted and celebrated, I long for the humility of Christ in this season. No doubt I will take in the immaculately prepared worship services and concerts, but I will find my greatest and JOY and PEACE in immersing myself in those words of Luke. I will quiet myself to hear the lowing of the stock, to smell the setting, to feel the "family" there in that cave . . . pondering what it all meant, and the future of this child.



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