Monday, March 31, 2008

What about this and that . . . zorbing, etc.

Okay, so we're home and almost recovered, but several people have asked about "that zorb thing you did", or that blackwater rafting, or . . .

So. here are some links to videos, etc. of some of the things we did that we didn't or couldn't get our own videos or photos of. The Zorb is a big plastic ball with a smaller one inside attached by hundreds of bungee cords, you dive in (Patti and I together), they put in some water, zip you in and push off the hill. No, I can't believe I consented to this . . . but there was much more of the same along the way. Blackwater rafting entails wetsuits and innertubes, then crawling down (200 feet) into caves to access an underground river/creek (complete with eels and glowworms), then float, jump, etc. your way along! Well, you get the idea . . . lots of nutty things to do in NZ, but we drew the line at bungee jumping or skydiving . . . preferring the comfort of a quick little helicopter for our aerial adventures. Anyway, here are some links to activities in NZ . . . most of which we did:

okay, and here's a bungee video from NZ for those who may want to try it:

No, I still don't think so???!!!

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