Thursday, March 6, 2008

Waitangi River

Today, whatever day it is?!, we hiked 10K along the Waitangi River to Haruru Falls. Along the way we tramped through a Mangrove Forest (swamp), and saw a wonderful Shag (cormorant) rookery where adults and young fledges were quite at home. Tomorrow we leave Northland for Rotorua, the home of the largest population of Maoris and an amusement area for all of the north island. The Bay of Islands area has been great, and reminds both Patti and I of Hawaii in many respects. If you ever get this way, you must join the folks on The Rock for a night . . . it is definite must do here! Well, off to dinner at Seafood Only, and they mean it!

G'nite Mates, PnP

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