Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rotorua was awesome in many ways

So, we relaxing in Napier and preparing for a picnic. Much needed after a very busy in Rotorua. We did the sky gondola, luge ride, Zydro Zorb (water in a big plastic ball, we both jump inside and they push us off the mountain! We laughed all the way down! We did the Blackwater rafting thing in caves and underground streams 200 feet below ground. We walked the thermal parks and visited a Maori village. We also enjoyed visiting with Maori people and artists, and their wonderful church and meeting house in Rotorua.

Next, we visit the Robilliard and Horwood Kiwi clan in Wellington before heading off to the South Island and more exciting adventures! This is an incredible land of beauty and diversity all packed into two small islands!

Kia Ora ke Akua (a mixed Polynesian blessing of good health and friendship!

PnP . . . only by Grace

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