Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Irish or Scot?

Scots/Irish or Ulster Scots
If we look back into history, we may find that many of us were Irish before we were Scots? It's a complicated thing this Gaelic/Celtic heritage. We were also likely all Orthodox or even Roman Catholic before we became Presbyterian or Anglican. From Dal Riada to Pictland with Norse influence our origins are very mixed.
We were often "family" or at least collaborating and cooperative clans. And yes, we also often fought and killed each other, and mostly too often spurred on by others with their own motives and aims of power and greed.
Had we understood better, we may have helped avoid wars and "The Troubles". The best we can do now is recognize our heritage and be agents of Peace; among ourselves yes, but globally too. Indeed we are and always have been warriors, but the "olive branch" is better than the claideamh to wield these days.
Beannacht De ort!

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