Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Career & Calling

“Your career is what you’re paid to do. Your calling is what you’re made to do.” Howard Hendricks
"Only when you discover the joy of your calling will you find the meaning of life. Next time you are tempted to ask someone what they do, consider instead asking them what they’re passionate about. Instead of askingthem what they’re paid to do, help them discover what they’re made to do." Dan Axtell
Now granted, you may be "lucky" (blessed) enough to have them both be the same, but most of us will have our "tent making business" to support us and our calling to support others. Your calling is God's plan for your life, and it may change with the seasons as you "grow" in His grace, so seek first His Kingdom and everything else will be taken care of. }:-)

I recall the time a prominent (older) attorney asked me what I did? When I answered; husband, father, Sunday school teacher and youth sports coach, he became perturbed with me and said, "No! What do you really do?!" I answered, "That is what I do, that's who I am. My career just supports it." I don't think he ever really "got it?!"

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