Friday, May 24, 2013

A family update for spring 2013 . . . just because.

Seemed like time to post an update on family?  Kyle and Laura (our doctors) are currently in Guatelmala where Laura is doing OB/GYN work at a little in Santiago Atitlan, a Mayan community.  Kyle has joined her to volunteer and then do some vacationing together.  Residency at Nebraska Omaha is into the last year, so the docs are looking at the next move.  The dream is to return to Santa Barbara, where Kyle would join faculty at Westmont College (their alma mater), and hopefully Laura could practice with another OB/GYN who is looking to divide her workload, OR in Ventura/Carpenteria area?

Cody is in his last year of M.S. studies at Sac State and still working at our local zoo, along with sweetheart Amanda.  We are all "hearing" wedding bells, but they are keeping a lid on things for now.  Not sure where they will end up, but Santa Barbara is in their dreams as well.  They are very busy traveling, etc., including a trip to Nepal for Amanda to study her favorite little carnivores, the Red Pandas.  Before that they'll be in Belize for a bit.

Karly and Phil continue to keep busy with their wonderful kids, Anthony (3 in Aug.) and little Gabriella (Gabby, 1 in Aug.).  Lil girl has had a rough life so far, but remains a delightful child full of happiness and smiles despite her trials.

The big bucket list gig for PnP is Costa Rica for the 30th anniversary!  Otherwise, continuing to do one-on-one (or two's and three's) mentoring and discipleship, and the occasional couples mentoring thing too.  Pat does day care for his lil opihiz during the week, and Patti is still teaching at SCC in the OTA program.

God remains the center of our collective lives, as we live them out in His Kingdom daily.

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