Monday, February 25, 2013

a pastor?!?!?!?

I never sought to become a "pastor", in fact, I intentionally avoided seminary even when others suggested it.  And, like Garrison Keillor (my storyteller brother) I knew being a prophet was a dangerous proposition as well; they have very bad things done to them by others!  But somehow, God has directed my life the more I've surrendered to Him, and in this season I find that I have become a "pastor", "prophet" of sorts, and maybe even an "apostle" as He has "sent me out" wherever and to whomever?!  I am humbled that He would choose to use an attention-seeking, crazy at times old Moose like me for such important work, but I guess that's Who He is?!

I have blessed beyond my wildest dreams and imagination in many ways, and hindsight has shown me much of that.  That said, in this season I am privileged to be "officiating" at funerals and weddings; the joyous occasions and the deeply spiritual ones of the journey to Paradise.  In the next month I get to preside over the weddings of two former Sunday schoolers on consecutive weekends.  Then in the fall at another in Puerto Vallarta with a brother and his beautiful fiancee and all his Mexican family there!  And finally, somewhere in between I assume and expect, to preside over my own Mother's memorial.  All of this is possible only through the amazing Grace, Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ, and His Father and Spirit.

Yes, as I tell others, "I am stupidly blessed!"  Meaning none of it could possibly be due to me, and old cracked pot . . . 2 Corinthians 4:7.

da Moose

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