Monday, January 30, 2012

Moosing on things religious . . .

Christian, or disciple of Jesus? A lot of people claim to be, even want to be, Christians. However, very few desire to "take up their cross" and follow Jesus." (I include myself here, as I'm often a "reluctant religious".) Of course that's good for "professional" clergy whose churches are full of the former. (The latter are to be continually found out in the streets and byways, and only occasionally in churches.)

This world is so tragically full of lost young people. And graceless Christians, or the just plain crazy ones, aren't helping them.

Surrender & submission lead to the "light burden" & "easy yoke", a blessed contrary to the "world's ways".

Honestly, would we even know one if we saw one?! A true disciple of Jesus Christ. A lot of people in Calcutta probably thought Mother Teresa was just a really nice old lady who loved to take care of the "down & out"?

Man! Something's gotta give here! Maybe we should all have to do a short or long term mission in a destitute country. Then perhaps we might actually make a difference back home?

Honestly, can it be that hard? This following, this disciple thing? Maybe just simply and lovingly start with what (or who) we wake up to?! Life, spouse, children, neighbors, coworkers . . . Let's start there and see what God does. ;-)

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

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