Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is God “at work” in your city?

If indeed God is "at work" in our communities, that "work" should look like His Son's work; the hungry get fed, the naked get clothed, the homeless get sheltered, the sick and suffering get comforted. For following Jesus, being a disciple, an apprentice, means doing as He did, exhibiting His character in our lives by the Father's grace.

"Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in heaven." His Kingdom HAS come, and is coming. We who live in the Light of the Resurrection get to partner with the Almighty God; Father, Son & Spirit, in making all things new, in completing God's work of the redemption of Creation . . . Outrageous isn't it?!

As the Body of Christ, this is NOT about "inreach" for one particular church or denomination. It IS about "outreach" of His Kingdom by His disciples as ONE, without regard for the "differences", and with complete focus on, and surrender to Him.

We get a glimpse of his heaven come to earth on the grand scale (stage) of events like Convoy of Hope, where many churches partner, putting aside their own agendas. But the even grander scale is the often unnoticed work of individual disciples, which when combined changes the world!

When churches, leaders and others put aside their own agendas and petty theological differences, focusing instead on Jesus Christ (read your Bible), then we will truly have something! When His church (remember He said He will build it) was just getting started there were no buildings, programs or denominations. And, their numbers grew because and as a result of the proclamation of the Gospel (sometimes using words). ;-) And this Gospel; in Jesus Christ, God's redemption of His people (yes, Israel too) has come! The Kingdom is here and now, and the King is on His throne.

I suppose this is why I love "parachurch" ministries and organizations; no one church, pastor, denomination, etc. seeking its own agenda, or claiming to have "the corner" on God's Truth. Just a gathering of people trying to follow Jesus, and doing His work wherever they find themselves. Being vulnerable and available to others they meet, and even occasionally sharing the Gospel, but not before trust is built through the intimacy that vulnerability and availability bring.

Can I get an “AMEN”? ;-)

Moose reflections, or “conjectures of a guilty bystander” (apologies to Thomas Merton), or simply “moose musings”.

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