Tuesday, December 6, 2011

finding that perfect book for your spirit . . .

At the risk of being bold and appearing a "know-it-all", I offer some direction on Christian reading (in companionship with the Bible of course.) And of course I do tend toward boldness (a fault too often), but certainly don't know it all. There are so many wonderful, classic or soon to be classic books on the life of following Christ, that many people just give up, overwhelmed and don't bother.

I have found some publications of Renovare to be invaluable in my quest to read those classics that will speak to my heart. The books; Devotional Classics, Spiritual Classics, Longing For God, and the latest, 25 Books Every Christian Should Read, are like a wonderful annotated bibliography of the best in Christian writing from the 4th century on. You can read these surveys any way you like, picking what you're led to, or check out all the entries and find those that God will speak directly to you in. Okay, you say, but you've still given me FOUR (4) books to read! I get it, so I would say start with Devotional Classics if this is your first venture into these books. I trust you will find a books/authors within its pages that will lead into a deeper knowledge (heart & head) of God.

I highly recommend any of these books (collections), and they would make wonderful gifts that will last and keep on "giving".

only by Grace . . . always Grace,

da Moose ;-(

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