Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Searching for what?

The big island of Hawaii is certainly all that people and travel publications say about it, and more. It IS a paradise of sorts, at least physically; climate, scenery, etc. But paradise should also have something to do with how we feel, a spiritual aspect? And to be truthful I have met some "locals" who seem to understand what they have here. They are content in relationships, family, with little need for material possessions.

I have also met many "transplanted" folk, mostly haole, as the locals call them (and me), but not in a derogatory sense. However, the haoles all seem restless to me? They don't have the same calm demeanor, the aloha, of the locals? I've chatted with many, asking about their "journey" and such. They all seem to be either escaping from something (often literally) or searching for something which continues to elude them?

Interestingly, more than a few have left the deserts of Sedona for these rainforests. I guess the harmonic convergence petered out or they got tired of peyote?! ;-). Here they can trade in peyote for pot, and still have a cloudy mind in their seeking. Then also, there are the wealthy who come and build multi-million dollar homes in double gated enclaves, missing so much that is Hawaii.

I admit I love it here, but family and home are in Sacramento. And, if I've learned anything while living here, it's the ultimate importance of relationships, of deep, vulnerable, authentic, caring, loving relationships.

Sadly, many of the "aliens" here tend to intentionally isolate themselves, physically and socially from the people here, the kamaaina who could really help them. So, while I do love it here, I sense a sadness that seems so out of place here, especially in the tension of the haoles and of course most of the tourists too.

I believe I know what, or rather Who is missing from these lost lives. The Creator of this place, and all of them too. But, I don't force religion on my "friends", just smile and listen, and trust the Lord will reveal Himself as He chooses. Oh, they do know where I'm at on this journey, and often remark about the message in the tattoos they see. Even asking what 3:16 and 2 4:7 mean. Yea, I know, a little sneaky evangelism on my part. ;-)

So I spread His love, His aloha, as best I know how. I get to disciple a couple young men here too, praise God. One a gifted artist and writer who is searching, and another who is a wYLdlife leader here, and who stayed with us on the mainland when he came to camp as a HS student.

It's still a weird season for me here Lord, but I'm just trying to obey and learn what You have for me in this time.

Hmm, started with a question, ended with a prayer . . . actually, I guess it's all prayer?


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