Tuesday, October 11, 2011

humanity vs. Humanity

So much preoccupation with politics and agendas of the world. So much distraction from what really matters to our true Humanity as opposed to that lower form we so often exist in. Whether LGBTQ extremism, Christian Right, or other media-fueled nonsense, we become mired in useless activity and dialog. What if we could rise above this lowly state, and even for a moment experience the "knowledge" that we are meant for something higher. What if our sexuality, politics, materialism and more could be shed for that higher life we were created for?! Lord have mercy, we are a pathetic lot! We argue as if we have the absolute truth in our own little brains . . . and He would laugh if it all weren't so sad. Only the Spirit can reveal the truth, and we'd better be very careful what we do with that truth. It was never meant to be used as a weapon or to enslave others. No, it was meant to free them and us. That's why it says "speak the truth in love" . . . and not speak your truth and condemn. Yes, I know, we are called in this Humanity to "judge", but only as to truth and/or sin, and not another's heart, only the Creator Himself has that authority, and it is rightly His and His alone.

So, what do we do? Well, discourse is good, the Apostle Paul loved and used it often leading into teaching moments. But when the point is reached where friendly, respectful discourse is replaced by shallow argument and finger-pointing accusations . . . that is the point where "shaking the dust out of your clothes and off your shoes" becomes the best recourse to failed discourse. In my simple terms; walk away, ponder and pray, preserve what little love and grace you have left for another day.

Anything more only gives the evil dweeb a "foothold", and he just loves to weasel his way into those places. Best to recognize him and his slimy little minions and put them in their place with haste, in Jesus Name of course! ;-)

And that will end this latest Moose rant, posted here at the monastery at Ainaola Anam Cara.

Grace & Peace, and always only by grace on my part.

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