Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carmina Gadelica & The Watters Clan

In these writings from the 19th century are captured the spiritual heart and life of my Celtic family. Alexander Carmichael collected the hymns and prayers of the people of the Scottish Highlands and western islands, which were handed down from generation to generation, and which sustained a people who lived hard lives and suffered oppression throughout those generations.

The Watters "clan" can trace their roots back to those islands before fleeing to northern Ireland (county Antrim) during the "Clearances", eventually emigrating to America when the Ulster Plantations threatened them once again.

Their faith, weathered and beaten, remained their only steadfast rock as they forged a new life in Pennsylvania, and later the Dakota territory. Even incorporating it into Lakota life as they became part of those tribes. [See "From Clan To Tribe"]

And now, in my generation, we seek that truth and faith once again by God's grace. Knowing that our past is part of "who" we are, but that we also look forward to a new heaven and earth.

Mitakuye oyasin, beannacht De ort. (all my relatives, God bless you - in Lakota & Gaelic respectively)

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