Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting life right?

Conservative Christians cast their disapproving glances my way. Even the liberal ones also seem to disdain me? Republicans, democrats, LGBT activists, both pro-lifers and pro choice, just about anyone with an "agenda", (other than unconditional love), hmm, maybe I'm starting to get life right? I love you world, I truly do.

Those "agendas" are just more idols disguised as justice and righteousness. No, I won't worship your idols. But, my love for you will/must surpass any disagreement we may have. Yes, I choose to love and defend you regardless the cost.

My "reputation" means nothing aside from my reflecting the love and grace of the One I owe my life to.

Regardless of my puny personal opinions and my beliefs, may my gay & lesbian friends know I love them above all and at all cost. My prolifers & prochoicers, war-mongers & peace-mongers, atheists, agnostics and more.

Hate me, curse me they may, but . . . Father I will love and forgive them as You have done me.

May my eulogy simply say, "In the end . . . his life was hidden in Christ."

Only by Grace, Da Moose

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