Thursday, April 7, 2011

“Thin Places”

For the modern church, especially in the Western world, heaven seems far away and so too the Presence of God, the true Heaven. However, for those who seek the ancient paths, who rely on the Spirit to guide, Heaven is very near and even occasionally “glimpsed”. For those of the ancient Celtic church, these “thin places” can and do occur in surprising and unexpected ways. And, it has more to do with our “attitude”, the inclination of our hearts, than any actual physical location on earth. Many “first nations” peoples also know this spiritual truth. And, those who have been introduced to the resurrected Jesus Christ are not at all surprised by Him. He is the One so many of them have been looking for, been expecting. And so, simple people of deep faith experience the in-breaking Kingdom in very real and substantial ways. They understand that the Creator is “re-creating”, making all things new, and they embrace the opportunity to partner with Him in this grand work.

E komo mai, e komo mai i ke alo o Iesu! (Welcome, welcome into the presence of Jesus – Hawaiian)

Wiconi (LIFE, true life – Lahkota)

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