Thursday, August 19, 2010

Discipleship . . . personalized

The journey of following Christ, of discipleship, will "look" different for each person and each season when we choose to follow. The Lord knows each of us intimately and His plans are designed in love and grace with our particular needs in mind. [For me personally, an example of this is how God has given me The Imitation of Christ (by Thomas a' Kempis) as a constant companion because I need the daily reminder of my pride and lack of love for others.] If we are faithful in our devotions (disciplines) He will meet us at our point(s) of greatest need, and by His Spirit will transform us into the likeness of His Son . . . the process and journey of discipleship/spiritual formation. This is the abundant life our Lord and Savior promised.

only by Grace,


P.S. recommending once again The Complete Book of Discipleship and the Renovare resources . . .

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