Monday, August 9, 2010

Celtic roots go deep . . .

I have had time recently to research (and search) my family's humble beginnings, and God has blessed my time as I kept Him always in view in this search. Watters - they that dwell by the loch and sea. My ancestors were from both the Highlands and northern islands of Scotland, as well as the north of Ireland. They were Celts before all else, not holding to any nationality, and being poor share farmers constantly beleaguered by all sorts of both worldly and human oppression. The Highland clearances saw them move out, mostly to the shores of northern Ireland (the majority who remained there live primarily in County Antrim.) Then, the Ulster Plantations forced them out once again, and many took to the seas and North America. Intermarriage to Lakota peoples led to yet another fleeing of sorts during the Reservation days of native American persecution. Through it all I can trace a dependence on God, even among the Lakota/Celtic family that finally settled in northeastern Montana, after a short sojourn in Canada. Pilgrimage . . . always . . .the journey of faith of the "aliens". (to be continued I pray)

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