Saturday, July 24, 2010

PnP - a new direction???

Lately, through prayer (listening), circumstances and other brothers and sisters in Christ, it feels like God may be moving us in a new direction? We continue to pray and listen, yielding our hearts and minds to the Spirit, and trying as best we can to follow one step at a time.

Our "ministry" has always seemed like a "soul care" type of thing, coming alongside others and "speaking" God's love and grace into their lives, expecting the Spirit to do whatever the Father has in mind. Our trials and struggles, both individually and together, have been good preparation for soul care, not to mention all the study and training we've been engaged in lately. Then, there have been the struggles of others who are close to us, in which God has allowed us to be His source of mercy and compassion.

We have reacquainted ourselves recently with Dr. Larry Crabb ("Connecting"), and discovered a "path" that seems to lead toward a "healing/spiritual formation ministry". Giving it a name is difficult, as so much "trendiness" is attached to names? It seems more like the early church (up to 300 or 400 A.D.) where soul care, healing, discipleship, etc. were all part of "normal" life as followers of Jesus. For Pat personally, the community of Northumbria seems to come closest to what this may look like in our time? Their "rule" of vulnerability and availability applies equally across all the various "ministry" areas the church in our time seems to identify?

We honestly don't know the "what, how, who, when and where" of any of this, but we do know that God is guiding us . . . there are times of revelation and joy as we take the next step. We also feel this "ministry" will be an equipping ministry, in addition to a "hands on" ministry for us. If that sounds familiar, remember what Jesus did during his three year "ministry"; healing, spiritual transformation, discipleship.

We have talked and prayed about this, and concluded that we are totally inadequate for this! And, we have also concluded that that is just where God wants us. One of our favorite verses, especially as it relates to anything we endeavor to do for the Lord, is 2 Cor. 4:7, the jars of clay passage. Recently, Patti and I were discussing our unworthiness for this "call" on our lives, and we came up with our own little reminder of how unworthy we truly are . . . "dung beetles", that's what we are! Creepy little insects crawling in and out of "poop", but God allows us to make something good out of the poop. (Sorry, I know that may not seem very "religious" to some readers.)

So, we continue to pray daily together and seek His guidance. And this, even as we await the birth of our first grandchild! Seasons, yes seasons, gotta love 'em in the Lord! Can't wait to see what He has in store for us, but sensing it has much to do with "holy listening" and "connecting" with the hearts and souls of others who are "standing next to their own pool of tears." And, in this, the "harvest is plentiful", so workers must be trained and sent out, empowered by the Spirit to do the Lord's work in the fields . . . among the lost and hurting.

Here we are LORD, send us . . . and only by Grace for sure.

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