Friday, July 30, 2010

more thoughts on a life in Christ

Inspired by The Cloud of Unknowing and The Imitation of Christ (Bk III, ch. 4):

Despising the world and leaving it all behind . . . The Cloud of Forgetting . . . to grow in the knowledge of God.

Trusting and following without "knowing" . . . The Cloud of Unknowing . . . the move toward union with God.

The first "step" is disdaining things and relationships of the "world" . . . leaving behind hobbies, pastimes, friends, social structures and more that were/are shallow and materialistic for the "abundant life" in Christ. At first, hard, but increasingly easier as we experience His consolation. For Patti and I, it meant giving up "partying", obsessive athletic pursuits (ultra running, triathlons,etc. and all the time spend training for them), and other such things. Giving up material things, fortunately for us, was easy, as we had always lived fairly simple lives. But, there was clearly a "new life" being formed.

Moving into discipleship and/or spiritual direction and formation: These pursuits include many aspects of being in relationship with one another, and of course with God. Soul care (Anam Chara from the Celtic traditions), accountability, discernment, teaching and healing . . . all those things that Jesus modeled for us in His earthly ministry years.

Soul care - When you toss a pebble of God's grace and mercy into another's pool of tears, you send out waves of healing into their lives, and others as well.

Seek the Lord in the seasons he gives you, trust He will be found, and enjoy His companionship!

obG, PnP

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