Tuesday, April 27, 2010

our daily lives . . .

So, yesterday as Cody spent his first day working at Discovery Kingdom, Jocko the walrus (2600 pounds) decided he liked Cody and began "playing" with him, including at one point slamming Cody into a concrete wall! But, since Cody didn't move (fall down, etc.) Jocko immediately backed off thinking he had met his match?! Life as an "animal whisperer" is full of adventure.

Speaking of getting physical, little Anthony Cayden DeFazio ("Tony") has been "stomping" around his Mommy's (Karly) tummy lately, letting everyone know he's planning on being an athlete just like Mom and Dad!

And finally, Kyle is jamming to get paper #3 done before his marriage to his beloved (and ours) Laura this June! The occasional Ultimate game seems to keep him going, along with M&D's prayers!

The "journey" along the Narrow Road is full of adventure, and we depend daily on God to guide and protect us all.

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