Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There IS an answer

There IS an answer to all the brokenness, hatred and violence in our lives and the world.

It is found in God, Who is LOVE, and the Lover of our souls.

Know Jesus, know God - LOVE

It's really that simple, but it requires an intentional and long obedience. Firstly, meet the historical Jesus in the Bible. Study who he was and what he did, what he taught and modeled consistently.
If you follow his lead and leading, the rest of your journey will unfold before you as you do. You will discover next that this human Jesus is mysteriously yet lovingly also the One called the Christ of God; the "second person" of the Holy Trinity that is God (Three in One, One in Three). Yes, much of this journey and its knowledge will seem mysterious and elusive, but I guarantee you that more and more LOVE will be revealed to you as you practice the "long obedience in the same direction" toward God, toward your true Home and identity in the Creator and Lover of your soul.

As you come to know this Christ Jesus more intimately, you will "see" the Father more intimately and clearly as well. Then, you will experience the greatest gift that a human being in this world can receive, the Holy Spirit, the "third person" of the Trinity. When the Spirit "indwells" you, takes up residence within your heart and soul, you now have God within you! (Perhaps the greatest mystery of LOVE that is God.) You are now fully equipped for the rest of your journey. It still requires intentionality on your part, but somehow the way becomes easier, even when great obstacles are encountered, because God has become your strength.

Let me simply recap;
>seek Jesus of the Bible,
>he will reveal God the Father to you,
>they will impart the Spirit to you, within you.
>then continue the journey* throughout all the seasons of life

Do this and you will experience the "abundant life" Jesus promised. You will discover your true identity in God. Though you may still experience the struggles and suffering of a broken world, you will also partner with God in making all things new, heaven and earth. And best of all, that ultimate HOME awaits you at the end of your journey of faith and life.

* The journey involves many different practices, or so-called "spiritual disciplines". Like training for athletics, the disciplines are given us by God to enable us to persevere in the long obedience. Others further along the Way can and will be your personal trainers, we all will or should have them as we journey. As you experience community in the journey, many of these disciplines and trainers will become evident to you. Each person's journey will be a bit different than others in disciplines and experiences, but all have the same goal in mind and heart, HOME in God.

#‎dailyquiettimeislife - Perhaps the most important discipline of all, a daily "quiet time" where you connect and commune with the Source of all life, the Lover of your soul. Patti and I have found this to be the energy, strength, motivation, yes indeed the Source of life for making the journey. This discipline drives all the rest in LOVE.

#‎lukejohnactsromans - "starting blocks" for the journey; Luke, John, Acts & Romans . . .
PnP on the road - a ministry, a life

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