Friday, May 22, 2015

Anam Cara - Everyone

Most of us will never be famous as authors or speakers.  People won't be seeking us out for our wisdom or spiritual direction.  However, everyone one of us not only needs our own personal anam cara (soul friend), but there is at least one other person out there who needs us too.

All the conferences, seminars, books, etc may have their collective worth, but none of it approaches the intimate, nurturing relationship of an anam cara.  The one-on-one place of sanctuary, of safety, is the heart of discipleship in Christ Jesus too.

To be blunt, we all need someone who will lovingly let us bleed and vomit all over them.  This is the way to inner healing of the heart and soul.  This is the intimacy the Lover of our souls intends for each of us, it transcends the world and things of the world, and takes us into the Kingdom of the heavens.  It is where and when we become Christ to one another.

May you find an anam cara, may you be anam cara to another.

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