Sunday, February 2, 2014

Excerpts from James Barron: “Free From Religion” –

Religion is of this world.  Jesus is from heaven.

Religion is all about the outward and seen.  Jesus is all about the inward and unseen.

Religion tries to repair and fix the old creation.  Jesus made us a New Creation!

Religion’s yoke is hard work.   Jesus said His yoke was easy.

Religion uses fear to manipulate people to act.   Jesus’ love compels people to act, with joy!

Religion is proud.  Jesus is humble.

Religion is boring.  Jesus is an unexpected journey and adventure!

Religion is insecure.  Jesus is confident and secure.

Religion is competitive and envious.  Jesus is a rest.

Religion thinks itself wise.  Jesus thinks Religion is foolish.

Religion is a dead end.  Jesus is an open door to endless possibilities!

Religion is man-centered.  Jesus is God-centered.

Religion wants to control other men.  Jesus wants to set men free to live by Him.

Religion is death.  Jesus is Life!

Religion is depressing.  Jesus is joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Religion keeps people in a boat that is sinking.  Jesus empowers people to walk out of the boat onto the water to Him!

Religion needs money to exist.  Jesus’ life needs no silver or gold to live and prosper!

Religion is mean to you when you do not agree with it.  Jesus is kind even to those who nailed His hands and feet.

. . . for the most part, we have found this to be true, so we choose Jesus.  }:

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