Friday, October 25, 2013

Moose "vision quest" aka walkabout . . . a reply to da Bear

Ha ha, yea, well ya know da Moose, likes to go on "walkabouts" once in a while.  This one may be a bit longer?  I'm on a "vision quest" as my Lakota relatives would say, a pilgrimage as the Celts call it, and part of the experience is to "prepare" by going very "simple" in many ways; technology, etc. included.  This will likely be about six months, culminating with three weeks in Scotland and Northern Ireland searching for ancient family and Gaelic roots there.  Been studying up for about four years on this, made many "connections" there, going by myself with my wife's (and my deceased Mom's support, my little sister too) encouragement and blessings.  "May the road rise up to meet me and the wind be always at my back," as they say.  You're welcome to "share" this with others if you wish, e.g. on the Mustang sites on Fb, but of course that's up to you.  Stay warm during hibernation this winter, see you in the spring.

da Moose

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