Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Beautiful Collision

Okay, here's the deal as the Moose sees it (always dangerous I suppose?!)

Renovare (and others) do a wonderful job of promoting and encouraging spiritual formation and all that entails (spiritual disciplines aimed at transformation into likenesses of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit, and our surrender and partnership.)

Organic, simple church movements and folks (The Emergent Village, Verge Network, and all those other wonderful folks seeking the "Go" that Christ commissioned, the "missional" aspect of following Him) are helping all of us become aware that something is and has been sorely missing in the traditional church (probably since Constantine invited it into a building?!)

The Moose runs (ambles) in both of those larger communities of Christ followers, and I find wonderful fellowship and wisdom there. However, I've come to realize that these two "communities" don't seem to talk to each other?! For my mind, the two need each other to be "complete", as David Crowder (musician) wrote and sang, "A Beautiful Collision", a heavenly "fusion" that will reclaim Christ's Church, His Body as the Holy Trinity makes all things new, even now in the already, not yet of the in-breaking Kingdom of Light.

Now, how does a humble old Moose get the attention of those more "famous" and remarkable people that are "out there"; teaching, speaking, blogging, writing & publishing, putting on conferences . . . etc., etc.?! Please share this with those you know who are either part of the "spiritual formation" community (I hesitate to use the word "movement", because there's only truly been one movement all along and it's leader is Christ Jesus,) and also the emergent, missional, organic, simple church "movements".

Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost, Neil Cole, Richard Foster, James Bryan Smith, Rachel Quan, Gary W Moon, Roger Thoman, etal, are y'all listening up in heah?! I love what you all do for His Kingdom and His children. Let's get together and have a beautiful collision. };-)

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