Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alternative Story

The Impact of Alternative Story - I'm not peculiarly fond of Ivan Illich's philosophy or theology, but I do agree with him in this; that neither violent revolution nor simple gradual reform can change society, only an alternative story can do that. And the best way to start is by helping individuals tell a new, better alternative story in their own lives. Stories are powerful, for both good and bad. Oral histories are developed and passed on from one generation to the next, and they shape personality and culture. It's no wonder that primitive cultures and contemporary third world societies place great importance on "talking story". It is the place of authenticity, vulnerability and simple fellowship, where trust is born and souls are healed. For me personally, finding that story requires meeting the Author of the greater story that our individual ones are all part of. One of my favorite little gift books is "EPIC - the story God is telling" (Eldredge). The love another that Jesus commanded includes helping each other discover that better alternative story. Dr. Larry Crabb after two decades of psychological counseling realized that all the "methods" paled in the light of simply sharing vulnerably with another. He says if we all simply followed Jesus example all the professional counselors would be out of work! And that is what Jesus had in mind with His Church, His "Body". I meet regularly with a brother who is finalizing his doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in "narrative therapy". Yep, you got it, helping others change their story, turn in a poor one for a "new model". This is, after all, the work (grace-filled service) we can do for each other. As wounded but healed healers, we can one another each other toward discovering that better alternative life-giving story our loving Creator has for each of us. So go, find a friend or stranger, a quiet corner, and talk story. God is near and I suspect He'll be pleased to join you. da Moose }:-

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