Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is my intention?

The older I get, and the longer I'm around Christians, the more I realize most of us simply don't want to "take up our cross and follow." We are mostly satisfied to "have our ticket punched for heaven", but beyond that we just want to be comfortable and happy in our worldly lives. Discipleship, apprenticeship to Jesus, is too hard, besides we just don't have time for it. Spiritual formation, transformation into the likeness of Christ, yea, like that's gonna happen! No, I'll go to mass or church most Sundays, and try to do a little something more for God when I can, but otherwise my life's already too hectic. So we pack up our presuppositions and go merrily on our way, BUT, we miss out on living the abundant life He promised, eternal life here and now. We miss out on living a truly meaningful life for ourselves, and others. And guess what else? We look just like everyone else out there, we're not making a difference in this broken world that so needs His humble followers. God won't force us, and no one else can either. We have to respond intentionally to our own hunger and thirst, that yearning for more, that emptiness deep inside. It's there in all of us. We were created with a void in our heart and soul that only God can fill through His Son. But again, we have to choose it for ourselves. da Moose

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